A hundred years of toys

In this new episode of "100 years of", Mode decided to make a special episode featuring toys, Christmas coming.
Thanks to this video, we can see what were the most popular toys since the 1910s.

Which toys will make it to the top in 2015 in your opinion? To find out watch the full video below till' the end!

These are the most popular toys since 1910:

Wax dolls and marbles for the 1910s

Tinker Toys and wooden cubes for the 1920s

A spinning-top for the 1930s

Changeable Charlie for the 1940s

Robot toys for the 50s

Barbie dolls in the 60s

Fisher Price Play Family House in the 70s

Care bears, Cabbage Patch dolls rubiks cubes in the 80S

Elmo plush, Beanie Babies and the Game Boy in the 90s

Tekno-The Robot Puppy, Bratz Dolls and the Playstation 3 were the biggest hits in the 2000s

Now what about you? What's your favorite toy?