Introducing Pool Live Aid an interactive pool table

Thanks to this interactive pool table, you'll be able to make the perfect shot!

This guy created a homemade frisbee launcher

Thanks to this video, you'll be able to create your own frisbee launcher!

This incredible printer can print anything you want on your latte!

The Ripple Maker is an incredible machine that can print a special message, a pictures or anything you wish for, on your cappuccino, latte or any foam-topped drink!

Here's a prototype of an aircraft capsule that can save passengers during a catastrophe

This guy invented an aircraft with a detachable cabin, it means that the cabin can eject itself during a catastrophe.

This deck called the "Infinadeck" turns VR gaming into a cardio workout

Th Infiandeck is an omnidirectional treadmill that turn VR gaming into cardio workout and it works with the Oculus Rift.