Standard tuning to Drop B in seconds.

This the future, Guitars are autotuning.

Sign language interpreter for Kendrick Lamar's "Fuckin Problems" at Lollapalooza

Meet Amber Galloway Gallego, a sign language interpreter that loves music!

The Ed Sheeran $2 peep show experiment

Australian comedy duo Hamish and Andy took the opportunity of Ed Sheeran's presence in Australia to set up a hilarious prank!

Akon is providing solar lighting in Africa for 600 millions people

Before being this American singer we all know, Akon spent his childhood in Senegal.

Jared Leto’s touching Paris tribute at AMAs

When Jared Leto took the stage at the 2015 AMA, he wanted to pay hommage to Paris victims, so he quoted a french who lost his wife during the attacks.